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goodbye ugly

Friday, 25 March 2005

A week or two ago I noticed that the theme I was using with my WordPress blog (the default one in WP 1.5, based on Kubrik) was pretty broken when viewed in IE6. I thought that David's blog was also using the default WP 1.5 theme, but his didn't seem as broken.

In any case, I wanted to fix that and also make the other bits of my website (such as it is) relatively not unpleasant to look at. I've finally done that. Tada. :) The general styling borrows somewhat from mozilla.org (which is one of the cleaner sites around, IMO) and, of course, my WP theme is heavily based on the default Kubrik.

I've also setup my site build system so that I can write a simple little markdown file, prefixed with a little XML metadate snippet, to get relatively good looking HTML page. For example: source and result.

Tagged: General, ui