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25 Apr 2016A development v2 Docker Registry on Docker for Mac
31 Jan 2016node-bunyan maintenance
08 Jan 2014A critique of commander for node.js
04 Jan 2013Link: "America's Real Criminal Element: Lead"
06 Jun 2012236 bus
28 Mar 2012Service logging in JSON with Bunyan
03 Mar 2012Thoughts on Google Chrome -> Firefox
03 Mar 2012Google Code -> GitHub
10 Aug 2011Car jump
16 Jun 2011Coding Style: Why to not group variables and align equals
03 Jun 2011Moved blog from Blogger to Github Pages (and
16 Aug 2010who knew path joining differed so between Python, Ruby, Node, Perl
14 Jul 2010Komodo 6.0 Beta 2: HTML 5, CSS 3, Python 3, DB Explorer, ...
13 Jul 0.7.4 -- Python 3 support
10 Jul 2010quick hack how to move a part of a Mercurial (hg) repo to git
08 Jul 2010On a bit of confusion
14 Jun 2010Donating blood in downtown Vancouver
14 Jun 2010django-markdown-deux Django app
27 May 2010June Vancouver Python User Group (VanPyZ) this Tuesday at ActiveState
26 May 2010python-markdown2
19 May -- a tool for working with text file end-of-line characters
24 Mar 2010alternative Komodo doc icon for Mac
08 Mar 2010March VanPyZ meeting tomorrow at ActiveState
05 Mar 2010PyCon 2010 wrap-ups
25 Feb 2010On fighting in hockey
22 Feb 2010updated Python Translation Party: fewer booms
18 Feb 2010Python Translation Party
18 Feb 2010other Python VM's upcoming Python version plans
30 Jan 2010February VanPyZ meeting at ActiveState on Tuesday
14 Jan 2010nice I ♥ Komodo blog post
30 Nov 2009VanPyZ meeting at ActiveState tomorrow (Tues)
17 Nov 2009Small Django patch to add full traceback for wrapper exception during template rendering
11 Nov 2009Using gmail for outbound email on Mac OS X
22 Oct 2009moving this blog to blogger
27 Jul 2009Hannah Catherine Mick
04 Jun 2009Pleasant things work better
26 May 2009How to install MySQL-python 1.2.3c1 on Mac OS X
29 Apr 2009Komodo 5.1.3 released
24 Apr 2009re-installing Mac OS X: software I use
06 Apr 2009Komodo:'s Webdesign pick of the week
02 Apr 2009Komodo 5.1.1: fixes, path mode in Fast Open dialog, Perl::Critic integration
26 Mar 2009unladden swallow: a (potentially *much*) faster CPython
24 Mar 2009Komodo 5.1 released (fast open, history, hyperlinks, etc.)
23 Mar 2009PyCon 2009
13 Mar 2009Pixelmator
13 Mar 2009hyperlinks in Komodo 5.1.0b1
27 Feb 2009Find highlighting and Linux/x86_64 support in Komodo 5.1a2
20 Feb 2009“duplicate line or selection” in Komodo
10 Feb 2009hard disk warranty
04 Feb 2009RobH's sketches for the Komodo logo
04 Feb 2009History feature in Komodo 5.1.0 alpha 1
03 Feb 2009recipe for cranberry-pear relish
03 Feb 2009mini-mick 2
12 Dec 2008ActivePython and released!
31 Jul 2008important Firefox bug
25 Jul 2008New Recipes feed improvement
24 Jul 2008ActiveState Code: lauched!
24 Jul 2008Switching from ASPN Cookbooks to ActiveState Code today
11 Jul 2008Translating Komodo on
08 Jul 2008ActiveState Code: the new ASPN Cookbooks
09 Apr 2008ActivePython and released
03 Mar 2008nightly updates for Komodo (and the Komodo AUS)
07 Nov
02 Nov 2007open komodo is out
24 Oct 2007off to FSOSS
18 Oct 2007html5lib rocks (and a patch to preserve attribute order)
15 Oct 2007CakePHP view codeintel (autocomplete) in komodo
04 Oct 2007installing hg 0.9.4
13 Sep 2007mercurial needs better end-of-line support
10 Sep 2007patch for “custom action” for mozilla updater
06 Sep 2007an intro to Komodo extensions
06 Sep 2007open komodo and the code
05 Sep 2007mini-mick cometh
29 May 2007building MSI patch packages (.msp) with WiX
24 Feb 2007logging in to Gov. of Canada's site an exercise in frustration
12 Feb 2007mini-mick
08 Feb 2007Komodo Planet and Yahoo Pipes
24 Jan 2007Komodo babies
15 Sep 2006Open letter to EQ3
30 May 2006Firefox and Thunderbird featurelets I want
29 May 2006Borgå (Porvoo) church fire
12 Apr 2006ActivePython is released (Windows-only bugfix)
06 Apr 2006Komodo wins a Productivity Award
06 Apr 2006ActivePython is released
24 Mar 0.5.0: a much nicer interface than 0.1.0
06 Mar 2006bought a new house
24 Feb — a Python API
24 Feb 2006work blog and ActiveState Software Inc
24 Jan 2006Ruby the Komodo
24 Jan 2006ActivePython is released
22 Dec 2005Komodo and SELinux
09 Dec 2005Komodo 3.5.2 is out
02 Dec 2005Komodo 3.5.1: ruby debugging error
01 Dec 2005Komodo 3.5.1 nits (with workarounds)
12 Sep 2005mighty mouse
04 May 2005beautiful tutorials
25 Mar 2005goodbye ugly
10 Mar 2005I want a Dave's Quick Search Deskbar equivalent for my Mac
09 Mar 2005cygwin + NTFS permissions = badness
08 Mar 2005original uninstall instructions from Google Desktop Search
18 Feb 2005tip: perforce + vi configuration
02 Feb 2005Strongbad!
01 Dec 2004Introduction