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ActiveState Code: the new ASPN Cookbooks

Tuesday, 08 July 2008

ActiveState Code has been launched (in beta)! ActiveState Code is a new site that will be the eventual replacement of the venerable ASPN Cookbooks -- in particular the popular Python Cookbook.

What this site offers over the ASPN Cookbooks:

  • a complete visual refresh (long overdue)
  • full tagging support of recipes
  • support for many many more languages (the ASPN Cookbooks were restricted to Python, PHP, Tcl and XSLT recipes)

In addition, the new site provides a sound foundation for other improvements -- so tell us what you think!. What is missing? What doesn't work? What would make the site more useful for you? for your community?

While the site is in beta, new recipes, comments and votes are not saved -- instead the site's data will be sync'd from the ASPN Cookbooks most nights. The plan is to fully move to this new site in two weeks, shutting down the old ASPN Cookbooks (redirects will preserve all old links).

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