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PyCon 2010 wrap-ups

Friday, 05 March 2010

I’m back from PyCon 2010 in Atlanta (actually I’ve been back for almost two weeks now, but I’m a lazy writer). PyCon, as usual, was a great time. I wrote a long wrap-up on my work blog here:

Trent's work PyCon 2010 wrap-up

A couple more personal additions…

  • I announced Python Translation Party during PyCon – here, here, and in a Lightning Talk (video not up yet) – to a resounding golf clap. :) It is a small site devoted to translating Python code between 2 and 3 using the lib2to3 and lib3to2 libraries until “equilibrium” is found. Mostly it was a fun little play with AppEngine. However, it has also resulted in a few bug reports to lib3to2 and lib2to3, which is cool.

  • I had a good chat with Catherine Devlin about her cmd2 library, because it is so similar in spirit to my cmdln library. We chatted a bit about whether a merging of the two libs would be reasonable. No concrete plans: busy busy.

It was great to hook up with people that I tend to only see at PyCon. I look forward to PyCon next year.