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other Python VM's upcoming Python version plans

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Some quick notes about the coming plans by the “other” Python implementations from today’s Python Language Summit at PyCon 2010:

  • IronPython:
    • plan is to do Python 2.7 first, focus for this year
    • python 3.2 for the end of next year hopefully
    • other work on IDE stuff
  • Pynie (i.e. Parrot) – Allison Randall:
    • about 4 major features away from pure Python syntax (did dicts last night)
    • targetting py3k repo and test suite: should be on track for python 3.2
  • Jython:
    • plan to target 2.6 (b/c 2to3 depends on 2.6)
    • temporarily skip 2.7 and target 3.x (probably 3.2)
    • then if 3.x adoption isn’t fully there, then go back and add Python 2.7
    • will require JDK 2.7 for Python 3 support (b/c of new support for dynamic languages)
  • PyPy (Holger):
    • plan is Benjamin will port to Python 2.7 in the summer
    • only have slight deviations from CPython: idea is to merge back with CPython so don’t have deviations. Typcically 1 or 2 line changes in ~25 modules.