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Open letter to EQ3

Friday, 15 September 2006

Dear Sir,

I am writing to inform you that the customer service I received recently from EQ3 in Vancouver was totally unacceptable. Please forward this message to the appropriate person.

I ordered a Connick Pendant Lamp from your Yaletown Store on 10th June 2006 and was told that it would be delivered to the store in 2-3 weeks. When I called after 4 weeks to see if the lamp had arrived, I was then told that the 2-3 weeks was actually delivery time to Winnipeg and I would have to wait another week or so for the lamp to arrive in Vancouver.

Three months later in September I received a phone call from Kevin Smith [not his real name] indicating that the lamp had arrived in Vancouver. No apology for the delay was forthcoming. I was also informed that it could not be delivered to the Yaletown store and I would have to pick it up from the warehouse in a completely different area of Vancouver. As the warehouse was only open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, I took 2 hours off work and drove out of my way to collect the lamp on September 15th.

On arrival at the warehouse, I was notified by the warehouse employee that the truck that was meant to arrive the previous day had been delayed and that all customers should have been contacted. I was also notified that my lamp was destined to be delivered to the Yaletown store so I wasn't expected to come and pick it up anyway.

Customer service up to this point had been substandard to say the least but degenerated to disgraceful when I called up Kevin Smith to inform him of the situation. Without any understanding of my circumstances he informed me that my drive to the warehouse was hardly out of my way and really, could eq3 be expected to call everybody and inform them of the delay? With this level of customer service, EQ3 cannot expect any of their current customers to shop in the store again and I have been left with a very poor opinion of the company.

I instructed Kevin Smith to refund my payment for the lamp and I am waiting to ensure this happens. If EQ3 wishes to be a successful franchise company I would recommend that it puts some effort into customer satisfaction.

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