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Komodo 3.5.1 nits (with workarounds)

Thursday, 01 December 2005

We released Komodo 3.5.1 yesterday. A few issues have come up since then that may be annoying for some Komodo users. Until we can get a new release out fixing these issues, here is what they are and how to work around them (if you happen to hit one):

  • XSLT Autocomplete is busted on Windows. Bug 41898.

    The workaround is Find and edit "koXMLStateMachineReader.py" in your Komodo installation (<install-dir>/lib/mozilla/python/komodo/). Change the "print" statement on line 211 (i.e. in the handle__unknown() method) to a "pass" statement. I.e.:
        def handle__unknown(self, node, *args):
  • Perl syntax checking might give syntax errors on "use" statements not being able to find a module in the same directory as a script that you are editing. I wrote a tale of 3 (or 4?) Dave's describing the background, but the main issue is that Komodo by default syntax checks your Perl code with Perl taint mode even though you probably don't run your code with taint mode.

    The workaround, if you hit this, is simply to change the default Perl syntax checking mode to not use taint mode (i.e. "-cw" instead of "-cwT"). This will be the new default in future Komodo versions.

  • On Windows Tablet PCs (Do you think Scoble scripts?), opening the find/replace dialog would not put keyboard focus into the find pattern textbox. Bug 42441.

    The workaround is to apply this patch to "<installdir>/lib/mozilla/chrome/jaguar/content/find/find.js":
    @@ -278,6 +278,7 @@
    +        widgets.panel.pattern.focus(); // Bug 42441
         } catch (ex) {
  • Changing Windows file associations in the "Windows Integration" preferences panel would fail with "[Errno 9] Bad file descriptor". Bug 42957.

    The workaround is to apply this patch (attached to the bug report) to "koInitService.py" in your Komodo installation.

I'll try to post workarounds for any more issues that we find before we are able to put up a new release. Thanks to all of you that posted bug reports.

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