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logging in to Gov. of Canada's site an exercise in frustration

Saturday, 24 February 2007

I love Canada. Couldn't pick a better place to live. And I suppose if the following exercise is one of the worst annoyances in recent memory when dealing with my federal government, then that is a good thing.


Canada Revenue unsupport browser 3: IE7/Win


Canada Revenue unsupported browser 2: Firefox 2/Win


Canada Revenue unsupported browser 1: Safari 2

am I meant to login to the Canada Revenue site to change my address? It is a good thing that you owe me money this year, or it would probably be easier for me to setup a website for you to login and get my tax information.

Computer programming is my day job and I happen to have access to a lot of machines -- one of which is an old Windows 2000 machine that still has IE 6 on it. I was able to login to the epass system in this browser. However, I suspect that a lot of your users will not be able to login the moment they follow Microsoft's Windows Update prompts to upgrade from IE6 to IE7.

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