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ActivePython is released

Tuesday, 24 January 2006

  python skeleton 
  Originally uploaded by trento.

ActivePython is out!

Highlights include:

  • Early support for Mac OS X for Intel platform (macosx-x86).
  • Upgrade to PyWin32 build 207 on Windows/x86
  • Upgrade Tkinter to Tcl/Tk 8.4.12
  • Support for Windows/x64 (win64-x64). Note that PyWin32 has not been ported to 64-bit Windows so this build does not include PyWin32.
  • Support for Linux/x86_64 (linux-x86_64)
  • Fixed a problem on Mac OS X/PowerPC that unintentionally created a dependency on Fink for the "bz2" and "curses" extensions. (Thanks, Bob!)
  • The Windows "debug libraries" package now allows installation into non-ActivePython Python installations of the same version. This was requested by Dave Abrahams for the Boost folks.
  • Changed Intel 32-bit architecture platform name from "ix86" to "x86", changing package names for some ActivePython builds.

See the announcements for full details.

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