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updated Python Translation Party: fewer booms

Monday, 22 February 2010

I’ve updated Python Translation Party to recent versions of lib2to3 and lib3to2. I spoke with Joe Amenta at the PyCon 2010 poster session (he had a poster on his lib3to2 work) and he mentioned that the best thing I could do with Python Translation Party for him was to update to the latest. :) Updating to the latest is a little difficult because App Engine runs Python 2.5.2 and lib3to2 targets Python 2.7, so some small backporting was in order.

At the least, the new update results in fewer “booms” – i.e. when there is some sort of unexpected error in translating either way. The “boom” section of the “Crash other parties” page before:

and after:

One boom remains. I’ll have to dig in to see if this is a lib3to2 bug, lib2to3 bug, or party bug.