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django-markdown-deux Django app

Monday, 14 June 2010

django-markdown-deux is a small Django app that provides template tags for using Markdown using the python-markdown2 library. MIT license.

What’s with the “deux” in the name?

The obvious name for this project in django-markdown2. However, there already is one! and name confusion doesn’t help anybody. Plus, I took French immersion in school for 12 years: might as well put it to use.

Quick Usage

markdown template filter

{% load markdown_deux_tags %}
{{ myvar|markdown:"STYLE" }}     {# convert `myvar` to HTML using the "STYLE" style #}
{{ myvar|markdown }}             {# same as `{{ myvar|markdown:"default" }}` #}

markdown template block tag

{% load markdown_deux_tags %}
{% markdown STYLE %}        {# can omit "STYLE" to use the "default" style #}
This is some **cool**
text here.
{% endmarkdown %}

See more usage info, available settings, installation notes, etc. at the github project page. (I mention on Moz planet because Benjamin is, or was, using python-markdown2 and I’ve heard Mozilla is using more Django these days.)